Writing to taste life twice

  • Welcome to the Party, Lil Hil!

    When I talk about Hilary to lacrosse friends, they say, "Oh yeah, I had a poster of her on my bedroom wall growing up." 
  • Giddy With Catherine

    Because seeing others walk to the beat of their drum makes me feel like getting out my own drum and start walkin’ too. 

  • The Year I Spent at Home

    “Who are we when we are together with no one but ourselves?”
  • My mom lives in caps locked

      Sometimes we need a holiday to celebrate someone or send notes of gratitude. On birthdays and Valentine's days, I always think to myself...
  • Memories Through Melodies

    An essay about processing life through music. Written while listening to 11 Hours - Branchez Remix / Wet on repeat.  6 minute read.  Sometimes I ...
  • Becoming Cindoodles

    Becoming Cindoodles -  a personal essay about painting as a way of healing.