I design corporate and community experiences around nature, art, and movement. These include summer camps for kids, corporate wine & sip nights, and yoga classes at parks.  


My aim is to gather groups of people with diverse interest so they can learn together and make connections.



Often companies create an inspiring culture through their product and mission. I work to bring together their community and their customers in one space.
 As your event manager, I handle logistics, finding hosts and speakers, booking event space, managing marketing, and taking charge of attendee outreach.  If you are interested in collaborating for an event, reach out to giddybynature@gmail.com.


Yoga & polar bear plunge

Time: Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:15am PST
Location: Golden Gardens 
Price:  Donation based 

Paint Parties at the Park 

Currently offering classes for kids and adults

TimeFollow along @giddybynature to see upcoming paint parties 
Location: Green Lake
Price: Donation Based, (suggested: $20)



"Working with Cinda is pure magic. She is the perfect blend of community builder, hype-woman, accountability partner, and event planner."

- Hilary Bowen O'Dougherty, past professional lacrosse player, current meditation teacher and lacrosse coach 

"Cinda invited me to a Sunday Zoom meditation.  This is not something that I would normally volunteer for. But it was Cinda, so I trusted that any space she was advertising would be intentional, meaningful, joyful, and worthwhile.  When I said I might show up, she responded with such warmth and enthusiasm, any concerns I might have had melted away.  Once I was actually there, sharing space with her people---a unique combination of her family, lifelong friends, coworkers, and likely, some newly made acquaintances---I was struck by how familiar the group felt.  It didn't feel as if I was gathering in the space for the first time with a bunch of people spread out by distance and space and age and gender and race; rather, a cohesive, meaningful, diverse community.  And it was; a community created by Cinda."

- Sam