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When you feel filled up and lit up, you function more actively with the world around you.

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“Lucinda is making such an incredible impact on the kids she works with, changing lives for years down the road in a way that coaches and teachers rarely get the opportunity to.”  

Parent of a mentee

“Every Friday morning at Golden Gardens for two years, Giddy by Nature hosted yoga plunge sessions. This group of daring individuals gathered weekly to do yoga, meditate, learn to be present (always aided by a killer playlist), and then plunge in the Puget Sound. The practice became a grounding ritual for me. It’s also become my favorite image for how we learn to work with our pain and grow together as a result: We sit with it, sit with ourselves, and bear witness to one another’s resilience.”

Chris, participant of Yoga Plunge Experiences

“These sessions with Cinda have been amazing for our daughter – she comes out of them with a sense of calm that I haven’t seen before. She is working hard to achieve her goals that they set together each week, and I see a lot of positivity in that.”

Parent of a mentee

Who knew it could only take an hour to change your life?  Maybe “change your life” is overstating, but not by much!

Lonsdale, "Value Alignment" attendee

My tween daughter enjoyed a series of coaching sessions with Cinda last summer when she needed a mindset reset after a tough sports injury.  I confess having been a little jealous of the fun they had together and the difference the sessions made in my child’s life.  When I saw that Cinda was offering remote workshops for adults, I thought “why should the kiddies get all the giddies?” I am so glad I signed up.  What a gift to have such excellent support in getting serious about my own joy!  Looking forward to participating regularly from here on out.

Lonsdale, "Value Alignment" attendee

I'm so glad I finally gave myself the gift of this book and class. The whole experience far exceeded my expectations in terms of self growth, discipline, and constant revelations about creativity/lack thereof. Not to mention the amazing women that inspired me to show up every week. I always felt supported and safe to be vulnerable. As someone that makes art as their occupation, I'm already seeing big differences in the way I show up, my attitude towards creating, and my follow through! What an incredible journey!

Alisha, "Artist's Way" student

Cinda is the ultimate hype woman and cheerleader. She accepts and inspires you through every step of your journey. Each week, I looked forward to connecting with Cinda and my Artist's Way classmates and I walked away feeling inspired, at ease, and Oh So Giddy.”

Emily, "The Artist's Way" student and 1:1 Giddy Client

I am so grateful for Lucinda and The Artist's Way! I went into this class with no expectations other than two different really amazing women in my life had recommended the book (the events that led to me finding this group was definitely a big synchronicity!). My experience in class was better than I could have hoped. Reading The Artist's Way is a LOT, and having the group made getting through it extremely manageable and held me accountable. Lucinda led every meeting with such openness and compassion and created a perfect space for vulnerability, warmth, and friendship.

Annie, "The Artist's Way" student