About Me

I am naturally giddy, and nature makes me giddier.


My name is Lucinda, and I live in Seattle, Washington. 

When I'm not writing, you can find me polar bear jumping in the Puget Sound, hiking around Washington, wandering farmers markets, or on my couch making Spotify playlists.

I'm shamelessly proud of having over 500 Spotify playlists; unreasonably giddy over a bunch of fresh vegetables; content with a day of painting. 

I grew up running in the mountains of Vermont and roller blading around the cornfields of Delaware.  

In college, I had to take a year off at the peak of my lacrosse career with an illness that made me bed ridden; after visiting over 10 doctors the summer before my senior year at Brown, no one could figure out what was going on.  Because of this debilitating fatigue and mystery sickness, I returned to Brown a year later, but was still not well enough to play lacrosse in college again.  Through this difficult experience, I became committed to living an authentic, holistic life even if that looks different from my peers.  When lacrosse, my friends, and school became inaccessible, I had to reassess how I defined myself and what made me happy. This adversity ultimately led me opportunities to create a meaningful and sustainably happy life. 

I began selling my paintings through Cindoodles in 2013, and I created Giddy by by the spring of 2020.  Since moving to Seattle 4 years ago, I have worked at KAVU, glassybaby, and CitySide Lacrosse.