About Me

I am naturally giddy, and nature makes me giddier.



My name is Lucinda and I live in Seattle, Washington. 

I grew up running in the mountains of Vermont and roller blading around the corn fields of Delaware.  My parents are both teachers, so our kitchen was a space where my parents' students/my friends and I would eat homemade bread and brownies in the kitchen after study hall.  My parents have taught me to embrace the educational spaces of nature,  the sports field, sharing a meal around the kitchen table, and through community.  

I played lacrosse in college.  My junior year I got sick with an inexplicable and debilitating fatigue; I went to over 15 doctors, and no one could figure out a diagnosis or treatment.  Having to take my senior year off from college, I turned to my paint brushes when I was unable to participate in the activities that I normally identified myself through (lacrosse, running, school, and being with friends).  Now, I continue to paint and coach/play lacrosse. 


When I'm not painting, you can find me in the mountains, at farmer's markets, on the lacrosse field, or on my couch making Spotify playlists.

I write and paint for those tiny, perfect revelations and to share from the heart. 

Shamelessly proud of having over 300 Spotify playlists; unreasonably giddy over a bunch of fresh vegetables; content with a day of painting.