Giddy by Nature mentoring is about helping young people be their best selves.  I will meet your child where they are and help them create tools and habits that empower them in school, on the athletic field, and in life.  I offer various forms of mentorship and pricing including video calls.

Please see Events for group learning activities, such as meditation, yoga, and painting.

One-on-One Mentorship

In one-one-one mentorship meetings, I will check in with your child and see what lights them up and where they need extra support.  Our meetings could consist of walk-and-talk goal-setting and workouts,  such as morning runs, body weight circuits, yoga and meditation.  I also offer painting and creative writing activities.

30 min - 90 min sessions 

 Drop-ins may be scheduled one at a time, or we can set up consistent weekly meetings
 Pay what you wish (suggest rate: $20-50)

Note: lacrosse lessons are structured at a different price and vary in time length (individual: $100/hr, group: $45-60 per player)

If you are interested in one-on-one mentorship, email to schedule. 



"Lucinda made an astonishing difference for my daughter during a very difficult time during her Covid isolation.  Lucinda was able to harness my daughter’s love of art and create a world of confidence and enjoyment for her.  She looked forward to every meeting and was filled with happiness after each session which was transforming for her world.  Lucinda is truly an amazing mentor for my 13-year-old daughter and we are grateful to have her in our lives."

The story behind Giddy by Nature mentorship program: 

Growing up, I had learning differences. I started retreating in the classroom and dreading school. I became unsure of myself and in my abilities until I went to a school that addressed the ways that I learned differently. Through addressing and acknowledging my learning style at a young age, I was able to excel in the school setting thereafter and, more importantly, feel more myself and content with outside-the-box learning styles.  

My parents, siblings, grandparents/cousins (on both sides) are all in education.  I grew up on boarding school campus in Delaware that stretched over 2,000 acres of corn fields. My parents were intentional about creating educational spaces in organic settings - playing soccer with high-school boys as a 3rd grader…eating Cheerios at the kitchen table as a 6th grader with my mom's advisees.  My parents infused both education and play throughout my childhood — so I grew a strong work ethic while having fun still getting dirty.  I love to work with kids and create these educational spaces in natural settings.

In college, I had to take a year off at the peak of my lacrosse career with an illness that made me bed ridden; after visiting over 10 doctors the summer before my senior year, no one could figure out what was going on; because of this debilitating fatigue and sickness, I returned to Brown a year later, but was still not well enough to play lacrosse in college again.  Through this difficult experience I became committed to living an authentic, holistic life even if that looks different than my peers.  When lacrosse, my friends, and school became inaccessible, I had to reassess how I identified myself and what made me happy. This adversity ultimately created more opportunities in creating a meaningful and sustainably happy life.