Giddy Journal Series:  The Annual Reset

Giddy Journal Series: The Annual Reset

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'22 review for '23 me 

A printable 5 page document for reflecting on your past year so you can set intentions for the year ahead. YOU CAN DO THIS AT ANYTIME!! It is not limited to New Years Eve. 

The document includes:
- Detailed instructions and various options for approaching the exercise; The full experience takes 45 minutes - 4 hours.  You get to decide how you’d like to complete it.
- Prompts for 2022 reflections
- Prompts for setting 2023 intentions
- Printable graphs for writing your reflections 

Not reflecting on your life is like running with your eyes closed. This is an opportunity to drop an anchor, pause, and develop intentions.  Where do you want to direct your sails for 2023 and beyond?