Value Alignment Workshop (downloadable PDF + video)

Value Alignment Workshop (downloadable PDF + video)

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It's easy to push your needs or dreams to the side - this is a space to help you move forward with that daydream and showing up to the things that make you feel like you. 



This is great for anyone who

- Feels stretched with their schedule (maybe as a parent or entrepreneur) and has a hard time making space for themselves
- Owns a business and juggles many different obligations 
- Wants to make time for their creative dreams or creative joy - whether it is a specific project or simply practicing creativity in general. 
- Desires to bring in more giddiness and intentionality into their life 

In this Intention-Setting reflection exercise, you will:  

  • Ground yourself in taking a pulse check on where you are right now and what has happened this past month   
  • Organize your calendar and current obligations for the month ahead 
  • Set priorities for your career, personal life, social life, and health
  • Inject giddiness into your schedule! 

For extra giddiness and structure, pair your experience with this YouTube tutorial