“Giddy by Nature put on yoga plunge sessions every Friday morning at Golden Gardens (Seattle) for two years. This group of daring individuals gathered weekly to do yoga, meditate, learn to be present (always aided by a killer playlist), and then plunge in the Puget Sound, all in great company. The practice became a grounding ritual for me. It’s also become my favorite image for how we learn to work with our pain and grow together as a result: We sit with it, sit with ourselves, and bear witness to one another’s resilience.” - Chris, attendee of Yoga Plunges 
“Thank you for being such a great coach, role model and outlet for our daughter.  I have seen the impact it has made on the field and first hand.  She hasn't had another panic attack situation, she has been able to cope with some frustrating and disappointing situations on her team with more calm and perspective than past similar experiences, and most importantly, she actually looks happy on the field again.  I have tears in my eyes typing that, it means the world to me.” – Parent of a mentee
“Lucinda is making such an incredible impact on the kids she works with, changing lives for years down the road in a way that coaches and teachers rarely get the opportunity to.”  – Parent of a mentee
“These sessions with Cinda have been amazing for our daughter – she comes out of them with a sense of calm that I haven’t seen before. She is working to achieve her goals that they set together each week, and I see a lot of positivity in that.” – Parent of a mentee