Social Media Consulting & Content Creation

Making social media feel giddy for small businesses!

I am here to help you make more space and time for your craft and passion, and show you how social media can actually feel exciting and light.  

As both an artist and small business owner, I know that other tasks and obligations can get in the way of spending time with your creativity. Every small business social media needs is personalized, so I start with a 1:1 call to discuss your blocks, what feels hard and a drag about social media, and what your visions/desires are for social media. From there, I create a PDF of your recap that includes your current trends and strategies for moving forward.

Consulting calls include:

  • 45 minutes session on Zoom
  • A recap and roadmap report:  This includes your take aways, plan going forward, and homework (depending on the situation, it could be mindset shifts, social media strategies, specific content ideas) 
  • After this meeting, you'll feel re-inspired and focused on how to approach your social media. If it fits, we can discuss continuing a relationship and I can assist in making specific content for you; but the emphasis of this call is giddy coaching & consulting, and to launch you into feeling empowered and excited about your social media platform. 
  • Rate:  $135 for full experience 

Based on my rates, this is $250 worth of consulting - I will likely be increasing my prices in the coming months.

 What it looks like: 

  • I am a personal development coach and content creator, so this session will be a combination of those two things: a combination of strategizing and Life Coach inspiration 
    • I will be giving both technical social media specific strategies and my own take on things, but it will be like hitting a reset button for your heart - look at what is weighing you down, what excites you /your visions for social media, and create an action plan from that evaluation. Think of it like Social Media Therapy!


Email or text 302-598-5194 to schedule a session.