Giddy Coaching for Adults

Tap into your own giddiness to launch into your goals and the life you want to live. 

Lucinda can help when you are thinking about what you want to do with your life, who you want to spend it with, and how you want to spend your time.  The primary focus of these meetings is to see the positive opportunities that can arise from hardship and adversity and help people reroute their attention to joy. While there is space and time to dive into the hard moments and difficult feelings, the emphasis is on tools to empower.

Common Examples: 

- Feeling like stuck in a job, relationship, or pattern, and you're unsure how to navigate it
- Going through a transition (move, new job, recent break up) and having trouble finding rhythm and sense of self 
- Feeling a general sense of wanting to live with more intention; a desire to incorporate practices and habits that move you closer to your goals


What do the sessions look like? 

Meet on Zoom, FaceTime or a phone call to unpack current themes in your life and create a plan moving forward.  After sessions, you will receive recap summaries of our discussion, specific goals for the week and month, and homework assignments.   
Email or text (302)-598-5194 to discuss setting up sessions. 


Reset-button Session (35-min call): $65 

Reset-button sessions are best for people who want to create habits and set goals for the week and/or month to feel more lit up, excited, and motivated in their life. 
Giddy Reboot Session (60-75 minute Zoom - no recap included): $135
Giddy Expansion calls are best for people who want to connect via phone or Zoom but do not want to opt for a recap. The first half of these calls are for talking through current stressors and the second half closes with perspective shifts, opportunities, or ways to navigate current stressors.  

Giddy Expansion Session (1-hour Zoom + Recap Roadmap): $200

Giddy Expansion sessions are best for people who want to dive in a little deeper and create an action plan going forward; we will review the big picture while creating small, actionable steps for moving forward.   Many clients book sessions once a month as a way to build momentum and be held accountable on homework assignments.    
Recap Roadmaps are includes in Expansion Sessions.  Recap Roadmaps are 2-3 pages of detailed reflections, perspective shifts, tools, and assignments for you from our session.  They are a written roadmap for naming the current themes in your life and action items to take you to where you want to go.  Lucinda sends recaps 24-48 hours after each call, as additional insights and assignments come to her as she continues to chew on the session.  

"I leave sessions feeling giddy, and the recaps are absolute GOLD!!!!"

Please Note: Lucinda is not a therapist or certified life coach.  All sessions are mentor-based - ie: the formality of an advisor but with the comfort and familiarity of talking to a friend.  Lucinda has experience in healing from chronic illness, starting a business, and moving across the country, and she is passionate about helping others pursue their dreams.   


“Cinda is a game changer for anyone who is lucky enough to work with her! She is the ultimate hype woman: she gently pushes you out of your comfort zone and brings a dose of reality that you need to wake up in your inner child to get in touch with your greater calling. I leave our sessions feeling more of myself, full of energy, and truly in touch with all that is possible in my life. She helps you come home to who you are in the best ways possible."

"Cinda’s ability to create these shifts in such a short amount of time is powerful, but even more remarkable is her ability to match those big insights with tangible take always, growth-oriented tasks, and dream-inspiring, fun activities to keep the fire alive! I leave each session eagerly awaiting the next as I know it will be filled with magic! I love Cinda!” 

 "An honorary PH.D in happiness coaching should be bestowed upon Cinda.  I notice my goal-setting mindset and general giddiness for life is elevated exponentially every time I meet with Cinda."

"Not only is Lucinda's giddiness contagious, but she also shares tools for how everyone can access what lights them up. I came away from coaching sessions with realistic and actionable goals for the week/month/year! In a completely judgment-free zone, Lucinda listened to my jumble of emotions and helped me disentangle them so that I could understand what I was feeling more clearly. She then encouraged me to trust those feelings and use them as guides. Her recap summaries were also incredible resources between sessions, full of personalized affirmations, playlists, and "homework" to keep me accountable to the goals I had set."

"I had been grappling with these things I want to do in my life - but they all felt irresponsible, silly, or just unattainable.  Cinda not only made me feel seen and validated in what I wanted to pursue, but she lit a fire in me to move forward with it all and do the damn thing.   It was a gradual process, and she helped me start with the small things day to day things that make me feel excited about my life  - while being honest about pursuing my bigger dreams.  Now, two years later, I am doing exactly what we talked about on that summer hike in the PNW." 

"Cinda gave me a space to express whatever I was feeling without judgement. There is something so magical about talking to Cinda that melts away any doubts I have about myself or my abilities. She incorporates personal experiences and a range of tools, always with such kindness and compassion, to help me work through my challenges. Her unique perspective, accompanied by her warm and wonderful personality, in addition to her deep intellect, advice, tools, and killer playlists have helped me unlock so much more confidence in myself that has directly translated into various aspects in my life. Working with Cinda has helped me feel like my happiest, best, and most authentic self again and I am so grateful. Cinda is a truly special and amazing human who I feel so lucky to have on my team." 


"Lucinda is making such an incredible impact on everyone she crosses paths with."


In college, I had to take a year off at the peak of my lacrosse career with an illness that made me bed ridden; after visiting over 10 doctors the summer before my senior year, no one could figure out what was going on; because of this debilitating fatigue and sickness, I returned to Brown a year later, but was still not well enough to play lacrosse in college again.  Through this difficult experience I became committed to living an authentic, holistic life even if that looks different than my peers.  When lacrosse, my friends, and school became inaccessible, I had to reassess how I identified myself and what made me happy. This adversity ultimately created more opportunities in creating a meaningful and sustainably happy life.