Freelance Writing

I write to connect, expand, and grow with the world around me. 
I help organizations share their stories through polishing web copy, crafting social media content, writing newsletter copy, and general consulting. I work with mission-driven brands that help the world heal. I also share personal essays through my blog.

I have experience in copywriting, editing, consulting, and creative nonfiction.  I have a collaborative work style, accentuated by an energetic, focused work ethic. 

Before starting Giddy by Nature, I worked as a copywriter and Communications Director at glassybaby white light fund.  I have also consulted and crafted social media content for LAXSANITY, CitySide Lacrosse, and Sports Challenge Leadership Academy.  I majored in English at Brown University. 


Lucinda has a true gift for capturing the essence of any brand and bringing ideas to fruition. In addition, she has an amazing ability to rally a community around any project or idea.  Not only is she a marketing genius, she will push you to discover who you really are and help you bring your best self to the surface. By digging deeper and really working to understand me, she has been monumental in my discovery process, both as a yoga teacher and business owner.  I highly recommend working with her on any project!
- Holly Drown, founder of LAXSANITY LLC 


I grew up dodging piles of high school English papers and stacks of books to find my mom in her study. As a daughter of an English teacher, I learned grammar while eating Cheerios at the kitchen table. One of my favorite pieces of advice my mom gave me was how to find my voice, trust my voice, and use my observations to change the world for good. She taught me how to observe the world around me and carve out my place in it; She taught me to follow my vocation.