Private Paint Party

Private Paint Party

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Let's have a paint party! 

Paint Party overview:

I love the magic of art and bringing people together.  I notice showing up to a blank canvas helps us become present with ourselves and our values.  Trying a new experience in a group setting gets us outside of our heads and into our bodies. 

Before the painting session, I will send a guide for ordering and shopping for supplies.  During this class, I will introduce how to use watercolors and discuss the mindful life lessons that art offers us. There will also be an optional 'show and tell' time to connect with your fellow paint party Picassos. 

A private event includes:

- A 2 hour paint party on Zoom learning how to use watercolor 

- You may choose your subject (mountains, mushrooms, trees, or flowers & bees)

- When you purchase a private paint party, you may invite 4 - 25 of your friends to attend, and we will further discuss details of the event (date, zoom or in person, desired painting subject, how to receive supplies, etc)  

- For in person events, I will bring all of the supplies (supplies are not included in - the price of painting supplies depends on the size of the party and are usually about $15 per person)

Additional options for private parties: 

- Instead of receiving a guide on how to purchase painting supplies, all attendees receive painting party kits in the mail put together by me; this includes watercolor, brushes, paper, and Giddy by Nature greeting cards ($60 overhead cost, plus $25 per person; this includes shipping)

- In person option: If you live in Seattle, you can have this party in the comfort of your home ($280, plus supplies); Message me directly if you would like to discuss this option.